Welcome to the Tim Soul Music website. 

Please feel free to explore the site at your leisure. 


This features the music of Tim Soul from English Rogues to 

the current day.


Please make use of the on site mp3 jukebox to listen to 

the songs, just click on the logo below.


There are currently songs from Too Blue (1996) and 

Colours album Rules of Attraction (1990), with more to be 

added shortly. Also please feel free to make use of the guest 

book and leave a message.


The Exciters (previously the Oral Exciters)


video for Ballistic Jets filmed in the Kensington and


Hearthrow airport inow on youtube on the link below:



Colours Video for I Wanna Make Love is also on Youtube on 

the link below:

 I Wanna Make Love To you - Colours







  email: mail@timsoulmusic.com




     Tim Soul - 1988                      Tim Soul - 1995

The music of Tim Soul from English Rogues; Tricky Switch; 

The Oral Exciters; The Exciters; Tim Soul; Colours and Too Blue 

and currently The Warthogs www.thewarthogs.co.uk    


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