Welcome to the webpage for Colours.

Colours was formed by Tim Soul and Miles 

Benedict (formely of DrumTheatre) and were 

signed to East West Records in the UK, Atlantic 

Records in the USA and WEA International in 

Europe and Asia.    













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Colours Video for I Wanna Make Love is also on Youtube on 

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The album "Rules Of Attraction" was recorded between 1988 and 

1989 at "The Depot" in King's Cross London with the help of 

Geoff Hilton and was released in 1990.

Paul Holder played keyboards throughout the album, with Geoff 

Hilton adding guitars. Sam Brown, Phil Saatchi, Steve Fletcher, 

Noel Mccalla and Julie Harrington amongst others adding backing 


The Album "Rules of Attraction" was released in 1990. You 

will find it on the on site mp3 player.




Tim Soul 1988                                            Tim Soul                    Miles Benedict