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Tricky Switch

Tim Soul - Vocals

Tony Fewkes - Guitar

Jean-Claude Theanne - Bass and backing vocals

Jim Green - Drums

Dave Sidley - Guitar and backing vocals

After the demise of English Rogues in 1977, Tim Soul 

started writing with Tony Fewkes again and put together a new 

band called Tricky Switch, with Jean-Claude Theanne joining 

on bass, Tim and Tony had been founder members of 

English Rogues and the main songwriters in the band, Tony had 

left English Rogues to be replaced by Carmelo Luigi Luggeri 

and Jean-Claude  had replaced Martin Stone on bass in 

English Rogues, so we started auditioning for drummers 

having placed an advert in Melody Maker and Jim Green joined.


We then advertised for and auditioned keyboard 

players unsuccessfully and then guitarists, with Dave Sidley 

finally completing the lineup in the second round of 

guitarist auditions. Some scenes from the film The 

Commitments bringing back memories of the auditions

By April 1978 Tricky Switch were gigging with a set of about 

20 original songs. One gig in particular when Jim and Dave 

tested out a glitter flash bomb out the back of The Swan 

in Stevenage when we were playing there and we couldn't see 

for about ten minutes. Later on we fired one up inside the pub 

on the last chord of the set and some punter who was just 

passing the stage carrying a tray of beers took the full force of 

the blast, so there was a tray of beers all over the floor. The 

pub filled up with smoke and everybody in the pub had glitter in 

their beer. The pub landlord was mortified and strangely they 

never asked us back.


We have a recording of 6 live rehearsal tracks, which 

were recorded on a reel to reel tape recorder, whilst rehearsing 

in the Noel Burke Hall at Cell Barnes Hospital for the 

mentally subnormal in St Albans. Strangely we seemed to fit in 

quite nicely there and the staff canteen was open all night, so 

after rehearsals we would play football or frisbee in the hall and 

then go for a slap up meal in the hospital staff canteen.


 Dave Sidley  played the strat, whilst Tony Fewkes was playing 

the Les Paul, so we had that all important contrast of guitar 

sounds. We had also carried on recording songs with Pete Bown 

as we wrote them, with the recording sessions generally 

taking place over the course of a weekend, recording and mixing 

up to four songs. All the regular rehearsals at the Noel Burke Hall 

in Cell Barnes Hospital, where we were also able to store 

our equipment under the stage and gigging kept the band really 

tight for recording.


The old valve equipment in Pete's studio including the mixing 

desk had controls that looked like gas cooker knobs and we 

had cold cuts, cold baked beans & mash for supper or lunch!!

Dave left after a recording session when Pete Bown got fed up 

with him fluffing his parts (which he didn't do normally) and threw 

him out of his Eltham studio Rooftops. We had never seen Pete 

so angry and never did again either.

So in between the date of the press cutting 28th April 1978 a

nd signing Pete's producers contract in July 1978, Dave 

had departed the band, so we carried on gigging and recording as 

a 4 piece.








Unfortunately Jean-Claude became ill with Jaundice and

Glandular fever and was hospitalised for 3 months or so at 

St Albans City Hospital in an isolation ward, which pretty 

much brought Tricky Switch to an abrupt end, which was a 

great shame because we had aroused a fair bit of record 

company interest, but never quite managed to secure that 

all important record contract.